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2011 Rules 2017 Rules Online Instructional Site from Colorado State
2011 Schedule 2017 Schedule Muskegon - American Pool Players Association Link
2011 Standings 2017 Team Standings Another on-line Instructional Site
2011 Ball / Individual Standings 2016 Individual Standings
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My Email is: netrat @ thenetrat.com (no spaces)


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Meeting for 2017-2018 league is Thursday 7pm at the Pizza Factory September 7, 2017

Last date and time to get a team entered on the schedule is September 21st at 11:59pm!!!

League Play begins October 5, 2017

Note: Schedule Includes one bye week, a team could join late and fill that spot either half.


Greg 861-6339

My Email is: netrat @ thenetrat.com (no spaces)

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Monday Night Men's Pool League

Need to know what teams are in by October 1st

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thursday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday Night Mixed Pool League Banquet

April 22, 2017

the Pizza Factory

6pm Happy Hour

7pm Banquet Starts

7:45pm Awards

Pool Tournament Starts Following Awards.

If there are enough people interested.

No Dish to Pass - Pizza, Wings and Bread Sticks will be served.

Greg 861-6339








Other West Michigan Pool Leagues... if you wish to have your rules, schedule and standings posted here please contact me.






The United States Professional Pool Players Association (UPA) is a governing body of men's professional pool in the United States, with the mission "to elevate the standards of the professional poolplayers' vocation." 

The UPA is in competition with the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and the International Pool Tour (IPT) for US market dominance in cue sports.... wikipedia





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